Canter Levin & Berg secures renewed Lexcel accreditation

Canter Levin & Berg has held Lexcel accreditation since 2003. Lexcel is The Law Society’s quality mark, recognising excellence in the provision of legal services.

Our latest assessment took place in January 2021. In her report our assessor, Anne Milne, commented as follows:

It is clear from this assessment that Canter Levin & Berg continues to maintain an excellent Lexcel standard, with the structures and policies and procedures developed greatly supporting the move to homeworking.

Homeworking was smoothly and quickly introduced, is working seamlessly, and people feel well supported by their line managers and colleagues.

Communications have worked well, and people felt they were kept well up to date on general firm developments and more recently, people felt very well informed on the firm’s plans for future development, including the move to new premises.

The firm has a good, clear management structure, and people feel valued and appreciated and looked after by the firm.

Learning and development continues to work very well, and coaching and knowledge sharing have continued throughout homeworking. People continue to develop to positions of greater responsibility, acquiring qualifications as they progress.

Compliance and risk management remain strong. There is a sound risk management culture in the firm, and people feel supported by directors, line managers and colleagues in resolving any problems arising.

Standards of client care remain high, and people are proud of the outcomes achieved for clients.

There were no non-compliances and areas of good practice were identified in all the assessed categories, including:

Structures and Strategy:

Canter Levin & Berg has an effective and clear  management structure that is based on team working and excellent communications, with directors leading by example.

Homeworking was efficiently introduced, systems are working well, and people have continued to work to meet client needs. Staff were kept up to date on developments and directors and line managers checked that everyone was managing as well as possible with home working arrangements.

People Management

Learning and development continues to be a strength of the firm. People are developed  to positions of greater responsibility in the firm, coaching and knowledge sharing is excellent, and achievement of relevant qualifications is supported.

Support for home and work life balance is excellent, the firm has long been open to flexible working arrangements for all staff. People feel well supported and greatly appreciated the flexibility of being able to maintain a healthy work life  balance.

Client Care

Standards of client care continue to be high, and the firm has effectively no claims and very low levels of complaints.

We take considerable pride in continuing to offer legal services of the highest standard, as well as providing the best available working conditions for our staff.

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