Does Sally Metcalfe's soap character have a personal injury claim against her fictional Coronation Street employer?

25 March 2020

by Georgina Clements

Poor Sally. Not long after being released from jail and having to deal with her sister wanting to be with her husband, she has now fallen from Underworld’s roof on to the factory floor. No doubt Sally will want to be compensated for her injuries. Depending on the extent of them, she might have enough to purchase another designer couch or even move to posh Didsbury!

Unfortunately, accidents at work do happen.

Having an accident at work can be stressful. You could face a long time off work while you are recovering from your injuries, during which time you may not be paid.

Such accidents can result in minor or more serious injuries. They could be caused by a slip, trip or fall, an accident caused by defective machinery, lack of training or the negligence of a colleague.

You can claim compensation whether you are full time or part time, a temporary worker or a self – employed contractor. You could be on a zero-hours contract, or even simply just visiting a work place.

You can recover compensation for injuries, lost income, care, medical expenses and treatment and any losses that you might incur in the future.

Your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure your safety by providing safe working conditions which will covers tools, machinery and even your work colleagues.

If your employer fails to observe this duty of care, you are entitled to bring a claim following an accident at work.

If you have had an accident at work or whilst visiting a workplace, ensure that it is reported to the relevant manager or supervisor as soon as possible and that the incident is logged in the accident report book.

You have three years from the date of your accident to bring a claim, but we would encourage you to make enquiries about a potential claim sooner than later as in some cases it can take several months to make initial enquiries into liability and to obtain relevant documents.

Should you need advice regarding a potential claim at work then we have a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers. Ring me on 0151 239 1035 for free advice or call our main accident claims number on 0151 239 1180. We can also by contacted by email to or by completing our online enquiry form.


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