Georgina Clements comments on Liverpool's worsening potholes issue

25 May 2018

by Georgina Clements

The country has recently experienced the most severe weather conditions in a long time with the so-called ‘beast from the East’ making reoccurring appearances. The severe weather left airports and schools closed as well as many people left stranded on motorways overnight in their vehicles.

The downside of such weather conditions is that it causes an increase in the number of potholes appearing on our roads.

On a particular route in Liverpool which I take daily to work, along London Road, it is no longer a case of keeping on your side of the road and driving in a straight line but more of a zig-zag drive avoiding potholes that you know will damage your vehicle and even possibly injure yourself or passengers.

It is common knowledge that most local authorities are struggling to keep up with the repairs and other damage caused by these potholes as budgets are cut and no-one can predict recent weather conditions.

Depending on the size of the pothole, these can cause injury, loss of insurance excess, vehicle and bicycle damage.  If you are driving or cycling down an unfamiliar, unlit road of a night, there is almost no chance of avoiding these potholes.

Should you be unfortunate to have experienced damage due to potholes, you should report the same to your local authority and submit a claim.Additionally, you could discuss your experience online in order to help other road users avoid these potholes by stating which roads to avoid or to be more careful on.

If you need assistance with any injuries suffered as a driver or passenger due to poor road conditions, our Personal Injury team can advise you on this.  Otherwise, keep driving safely!


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