Solicitor Robert Lee appointed as Hospice trustee

26 June 2019

by Caroline Chamberlain

Caroline Chamberlain spoke with Robert Lee, our solicitor and Head of the Wills & Probate Department, about his recent appointment as one of the Trustees for the Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust.

Firstly, tell me what is the Woodlands Hospice?

The Woodlands Hospice is an independent, registered charity dedicated to providing hospice care the areas of North Liverpool, South Sefton and Kirkby.

Hospice care aims to improve the lives of people who have a life limiting illness. It helps them to live actively and be as independent as they can be and this support often extends to patients’ carers, family and close friends.

The Hospice is located within the Aintree University Hospital grounds. I have been there many times over the years and there has always been this warm, friendly and welcoming environment when I step into the building.

The Hospice provides holistic care to their patients, which means that as well as taking care of the physical needs, their emotional, social and spiritual needs are also looked after.

How did you get to become involved with the Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust?

I have worked with clients who have been associated with the Woodlands Hospice for many years, either as people who have needed the services personally or having known someone else who has. Our Wills & Probate department participated in the Hospice’s Charity Will Scheme in April 2018 whereby we offered clients a free will service in exchange for them making a donation to the Hospice instead. I was then invited to share my experiences at a session at the Hospice in March 2019 where I met Rose Milnes, the Chief Executive. She explained more about what the Hospice does and the significant impact it has on people’s lives.

Rose said to me after the session that she could see how passionate I was when I was talking about my involvement with the Hospice and said that they were looking to appoint a new trustee on the board to assist with legal matters. I jumped at the opportunity to become involved and I was honoured when I was accepted to be on the Board.

What are you looking forward to most whilst being on the Board?

I’m looking forward to assisting the other Board members in ensuring that the Hospice maintains their high levels of services.

I was fortunate enough to be given a tour by Rose on one of my visits around the whole Hospice site and I was able to meet her colleagues that work with her. It was fantastic to see a glimpse of what they do on a daily basis, ranging from the nursing staff that care for the patients to the chefs/cooks that prepare the meals. The working as part of a family team ethos, which I already experience with working in Canter Levin & Berg, really made me want to work on behalf of the Hospice.


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