Working from home - A light-hearted review of social media

24 March 2020

by Tom Sutherland

I love a good podcast and, at the moment, whilst working from home, it has become a bit of a luxury to listen to a podcast during my lunch break (and after work) and hear multiple voices within the house. After all, following the introduction of the newest restrictions from the Government, it is nice to vaguely pretend that more people are in the house than is really the case!

Over the past week or so, many people have had their first taste of working from home for an extended period of time and, in this time of obvious anxiety (or, as my grandmother calls times like this: ‘doom and gloom’), social media is helping attack the sadness induced by social isolation by applying a typical British (and Italian) sense of humour to it.

So, just to distract from the current social isolation and lack of routine, here are some of the most light-hearted attempts at humour from social media about working from home and/or being isolated indoors all day:

  • The cat hiding away in the corner because it is used to complete solitude during working hours;
  • One or two people replacing workplace smoking with increased consumption of Werthers Originals;
  • People having video conferences and forgetting to remove the big cuddly toy from the shelf behind them (when they don’t have children!);
  • The Italian man who ‘argues’ with his wife about needing a takeout espresso and then walks outside and to the open kitchen window to ‘order’ one from her;
  • People rating each other’s Pick and Mix deliveries from Deliveroo online;
  • Individuals starting ‘social isolation’ book clubs with friends by WhatsApp video chat [confession: I’m involved in one of these];
  • Dogs learning that their owners are tapping away on laptops and, once the laptop is removed, immediately sitting on their owner’s lap to prevent the laptop returning;
  • Learning that your dog can howl the exact tune to Homes under the Hammer after three consecutive days of practice; and
  • Finally, last but not least, the guys advocating the ‘fairy liquid workout’ after working hours which consists of squirting fairy liquid onto a hard surface or inside a bath tub as a ‘replacement’ for a treadmill.

We’re going to see a lot of people searching for reassurance on social media during these isolated and less social times, so it is always heartening to point out the positive, humourous approaches to breaking up a day spent inside. After all, one of my favourite sayings is that ‘the only time in life that you don’t worry is when you’re laughing’. Stay safe everyone!


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