Get confidential legal advice

From our friendly divorce and family law team


Get confidential legal advice

From our friendly divorce and family law team

Divorce Finances – We can help you to sort out your financial situation during and after your divorce or the dissolution of your civil partnership.

There are often assets arising from a marriage which will need to be dealt with, including:

  • house(s) – whether these are jointly owned or held in the sole name of just one of the parties.
  • savings
  • investments
  • pensions
  • income
  • debts

Reaching a suitable financial settlement in your divorce or dissolution (or ‘financial remedy’ as it is known by lawyers) is often one of the most important elements of a marriage or civil partnership breakdown. Receiving specialist advice from our expert legal team can remove some of the uncertainty during what can be a worrying time.

We can help you with divorce finances

The family law team at Canter Levin & Berg are members of Resolution, the national organisation of family lawyers committed to providing a non-confrontational approach to family problems.

As such we will make sure your case is handled in a conciliatory manner whilst ensuring your best interests are protected. If it is appropriate, we can assist you in reaching a financial settlement without going to court. For many people this is a more cost effective solution, and we are happy to refer you to a local mediation service and provide you with expert legal advice during the process.

We will demystify what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming amount of legal jargon. We will advise you what to expect when negotiating a financial settlement, including exchanging information about your finances with your former partner in order to reach an appropriate settlement. When giving you advice about a financial settlement our solicitors will guide you through your options.

It is usually necessary to attempt to resolve any dispute about a financial settlement through attending mediation, unless there is a good reason why this would not be appropriate – such as you have been a victim of domestic abuse. We can arrange to make a referral to a mediation service local to you, and provide you with expert legal advice whilst mediation is ongoing.

If it becomes necessary for your case to be resolved through the courts, we are available to offer specialist advice every step of the way, including representation through the courts. Whether you can agree a financial settlement directly with your ex-partner, through mediation or through the courts, it is vital your agreement is formally recorded in a consent order.

Here at Canter Levin & Berg we can draft a consent order in a divorce or during the dissolution of a civil partnership for your approval and in many cases we can offer a fixed fee so that you can be certain of your legal costs.

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